• Trae Mundt's teddy bear print Bearie Blvd. Bears ™ day at the beach

Welcome to my shop!

My latest collection of oil paintings - Bearie Blvd. Bears™ is a fun, imaginary, and whimsical expression of my love for teddy bears. Each bear has a name and a story to tell. Sveta loves the ballet… Elsie loves polka dots… Humphrey loves trains… We all need special friends, hugs and the gift of kindness in our lives. Come back often to meet the new bears that move to Bearie Blvd.

Also featured is my collection of botannical illustrations of our nation's state flowers - America's Favorite flowers. These delicate drawings bring beauty as well as a touch of history into our homes.

The Garden collection features delightful watercolors of flowers, fruit and vegetables with decorative pattern designs.

My hope is that my work touches your heart.