I grew up in two beautiful communities in California- Big Bear Lake and Rancho Bernardo. After receiving my BA degree in Psychology and moving to Oregon, I began my personal journey as an artist. My floral drawings were featured on greeting cards, and soon after I found myself embarking on a pursuit to research and illustrate every American state flower. My research culminated in the America’s Favorite Flowers Collection. My California Poppy print became part of the decor at Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel in Buena Park, CA. A few years later I published “State Flowers of America - A Commemorative Coloring Book”, an educational coloring book featuring my entire America’s Favorite Flowers Collection. My work was almost exclusively drawing and painting flowers until the day I discovered a new love…

Have you ever had an experience that changed the trajectory of your life?

It was a sunny day. My art instructor and I decided our focus for that day was going to be a lesson on painting faces. She showed me her process. We talked about proportions and color mixing. It felt like a mystery was unfolding before me. After a few hours I had completed painting a portrait of my husband. And it looked like him! =) I began painting more faces. I began taking commissions. Then I gave a dear friend a surprise gift- a drawing of her two dogs. Shortly after I began taking commissions of animal portraits.

I love faces. I love capturing a likeness whether it’s on paper or canvas or panels. Each one of us is beautifully unique. We each have a story, and I believe our faces tell our stories. I also marvel at the incredible details… the angle of the eye, the length of the nose or the slant of the lips. We are the handiwork of a wonderfully creative God.

For my paintings I work in oil. The colors are rich making the end product realistic. For my drawings I use both graphite and charcoal and sometimes a mix of both. Graphite helps me capture the light delicate details. Charcoal brings fantastic contrast and rich dark bold blacks.

Thank you for your interest. My hope is that my work touches your heart.